Reliability Testing in Software Testing

Reliability Testing is the non-functional testing which is performed in software testing. Intention of this testing is to finding error and resolved before system deployed. Mainly focused on how mush system is reliable and it follows the customer’s requirements or not. It means the probability of failure free software operation for a specified

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Regression Testing and ReTesting

This is the most common question I have heard during the Interviews!  And, most of the times I have seen candidates getting confused and confusing the questioner as well with their answers! Even though you are working in a real time environment, and deal with the Regression and Re-testing scenarios, it is very confusing to

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Performance Testing in Software Testing

Performance Testing is a type of software testing which has intends to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a certain workload. Different cause which contribute in lowering Performance Testing Network delay Client side processing Database transaction processing Load balancing between servers Data rendering Performance

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