What is independent testing ?

The independence testing which is helps to find more defects as compared to software tester. The mindset should be different while testing and reviewing software. It is difficult to find out our own mistakes. That’s why independence tester mostly hired in Software Companies. Independence Testers have full rights to test software

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Selenium Automation Tool

Software Testing Tools are used to test software application which is done by the Software Tester or Automation Software Tester. There are many types of Automation Tools which are used by Software Testing Companies. Using Selenium WebDriver you can test web applications. Software Testing Tools are used to test the software fast which

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Using Gecko Driver in Selenium 3.0 | Selenium Tutorial

If you are using Firefox 47 or above then Gecko Driver required running scripts in Selenium Webdriver. If you are using Selenium 2 version or below, you don’t need gecko driver. You can download selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar from download selenium 2.53.1 Without Gecko Driver:

Output: throws an exception “java.lang.IllegalStateException: The path to the

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