Principles of Software Testing

Principles of Software Testing are as follows : Testing shows presence of defects: Testing may show the defects are present, but cannot prove that there are no defects. After testing the system or product thoroughly we cannot say that the product is complete defect free. Testing always reduces the no of undiscovered defects remaining in the

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System Testing in Software Testing

System Testing tests the system as a whole. The process of testing an integrated system to verify that it meets specified requirements. System Testing in Software Testing It is done after Integration Testing before Acceptance Testing  It should investigate both functional and non-functional requirements of the system. Typical non-functional tests include performance and reliability.

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What is Integration Testing

Integration testing tests interfaces between components to different parts of a system such as an operating system, file system, and hardware. It starts at module level when various modules are integrated with each other to form a system. This Integration testing tests interfaces between the modules. It is becoming easier

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