Exit Criteria and Project Test Closure Activities

To identify “How much testing is enough” is quite complex task and continuing testing endlessly for a software component is also not possible. For every test phase, there are some specific objectives of testing to be achieved and these objectives will help us to know whether we have made enough testing for that phase. Project Test Closure Activities involves following tasks which is mentioned in below points.


There are various reasons and advantages of exit criteria for various testing processes which includes the following aspects.

  • Exit criteria will help us to identify whether a certain test level has been tested thoroughly or not.
  • Exit criteria state various risk areas of the software product, as a result it will help us to identify the critical tests that must be included while testing.
  • Based on the test results and reports we can identify whether the software has passed or failed as per customer’s perspective. This will help to fulfil acceptance criteria also.
  • Exit criteria verifies that all the needed tests have been covered and activities of current test phase have been completed.

Project Test Closure Activities


Exit criteria are built on basis of various factors such as risk analysis, customer requirements and business perspectives etc. To evaluate the exit criteria is equally important as setting the exit criteria. In evaluation of Exit criteria, following major tasks can be included.

  • To assess the exit criteria for a test phase, testers need to check the test logs for various issues and defects raised and fixed while testing. The statistics of tests are analyzed based on the objectives as per test planning.
  • A judgment is made if more tests need to be run or the exit criteria should be altered. If we have not reached to specified test coverage, then more tests are needed for the same. Other way, if risks have increased the, exit criteria need to be altered.
  • Exit criteria modification must be agreed with stakeholders.
  • There are several tools available for test management and test coverage.
  • The entire stakeholders must know about the progress of testing process. So a summary report for the test process till date should be prepared for stakeholders to make certain decisions about software.


Various kind of data and facts are gathered from test activities, testware as it might be needed while delivering the software. A test process can be closed in several states, such as project is cancelled, new update is available for the same software or a particular milestone is achieved.

Project Test Closure Activities involves following tasks.

  • Ensure all incidents have been resolved. If any defects are still open in the system, we may request for a change in future release.
  • Collect the testware, such as scripts, test environment and tools etc. for future reuse. It can save a lot of time and efforts in maintenance if we can pull out the testware from library of existing testware.
  • Various testware is handed over to authorized entity such as maintenance department who will support and made any change to software in future.
  • Evaluate the testing process and analyze the lessons learned for development and testing. It may include process improvements for development phase or testing phase. It will help in making the testing process more cost-effective.

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