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Usability Testing mostly performed by the software tester to ensure that user should use system with ease. In this testing tester think like the end user and try to give all the effectiveness to the system where user will easily work on system. Every tester wants their product should be user friendly. It is a non-functional testing, this type of testing are not mentioned in requirements. It  mainly focused on designs, navigation’s, user interface, alerts, content etc.

Definition of Usability Testing

Testing to determine the extent to which the software product is understood, easy to learn, easy to operate and attractive to the users under specified conditions.

Benefits of usability testing

  • Quality software
  • software become ease to use
  • Easy to navigate software
  • Beginners can easily use the software

Usability Testing | Software Testing BooksAdvantages of Usability testing

  • It helps to improve end user satisfaction
  • It make system highly effective and efficient
  • Can get true feedback from target audience
  • Helps to find uncover usability issues

Disadvantages of Usability testing

  • Cost factor if project budget is low
  • Every person as their own thinking so cannot achieve to get 100% usability testing

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