What is V-Model – Advantages and Disadvantages?


What is V-Model? V-Model also was known as verification and validation model. V-Model looks like V shape, In this model process done in sequentially like waterfall model. Each phase must be completed to start next phase. It is a good model for testing point of view because testing is done

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What is Iterative Incremental Development Model? Advantages and Disadvantages

Iterative Incremental Development Model is a process where creating requirements, designing, building and testing a system in small parts. This model divided into small parts which will help to make modules very easily. In this model, module passes through some phases like requirements, coding, designing, testing. Iterative Incremental Development model is

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What is Rapid Application Development Model (RAD)? Advantages and Disadvantages

RAD Model stands for Rapid application development model. RAD Model’s working process is same as Incremental Model. In this model, all the work goes in a parallel way. RAD model mostly used for small projects which have complete requirement. RAD customers get something working very quickly and can provide feedback for the

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Automation Testing for Agile Development

Agile Development

Agile automation testing is particularly important in agile development life cycle. Agile software development involves a constant feedback loop among team members. This is in contrast to the waterfall model of development where software testing only begins once after development phase has been completed. In agile development, software testing activities

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What is Agile Model – Advantages and Disadvantage?

Agile Model

The popular model in software development industries that is Agile Model, it has dynamic nature and easy to performed. Agile Model mostly recommended to making critical and risk based software. It is a combination of incremental model, which is used in software development life cycle. Agile Process is working in

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What is Spiral Model? Advantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Model

Spiral Model

Spiral Model is highly used in IT companies. This model involves strategies, which is a combination of incremental and prototype models. This Spiral Model is best to use for large projects which required more management and planning. What is Spiral Model in Software Development Life Cycle? A spiral model is

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