What is difference between Monkey, Sanity and Smoke Testing?

Smoke and Sanity are most confusing words for you right? But I included one more type here that is Monkey testing. Yes, monkey testing is also popular word asked in Many Interview Questions. But you may call the same thing in different terminology in your organization.

What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing get their name from the electronics industry. The circuits are laid out on a bread board and power is applied. If anything starts smoking, there is a problem. In the software industry, smoke testing is a shallow and wide approach to the Application. You test all areas of the application without getting too deep. This is also known as a Build Verification test.

What is difference between Monkey, Sanity and Smoke Testing?What is Sanity Testing?

Sanity testing is usually narrow and deep. That is they look at only a few areas but all aspects of that part of the application. A smoke test is scripted using a written set of tests or an automated test whereas a sanity test is usually unscripted.

What is Monkey Testing?

A monkey test is also unscripted, but this sort of test is like a room full of monkeys with a computer placed in front of each of them. The theory is that, given enough time, you could get the works of Shakespeare out of them. This is based on the idea that random activity can create order or cover all options.

Finally a Sanity test is not the same as a Smoke Test or a Build Verification test. The former is to determine a small section of the application is still working after a minor change which is not a good policy you should do a Regression testing.

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