Now Get Paid to Find Software Bugs Online

Guys, it would be great to earn some extra bucks by doing what you love, right?. Apart from doing your day job, you can even earn some extra money online. uTest is an awesome crowd source company, where you can select the projects of your interest and find bugs to earn. It’s a pay per bug model, the more bugs you find the more you earn. As simple as that!

Get Paid to Find Software Bugs Online

There are people online who earn anywhere between $300 to $10000 monthly by working with uTest. Here is more information for you:

Why should I Join the Community?

There are plenty of reasons to join the uTest Community, no matter how much experience you’ve had in the field of software testing. Here’s a few of the Benefits of becoming a tester:

  • Get Paid: Our business model compensates testers for each approved bug they submit as well as for completed Test scripts, valuable feedback, and other various tasks.
  • Learning: When you’re surrounded by top QA talent from around the world, you’ll drastically improve your own testing skills. Our community is a great place to learn the latest software testing methods.
  • Leisure: With uTest, you can work whenever you have the time as little or as much as you want. Our platform allows you to select only the projects that interest you

Get Paid to Find Software Bugs OnlineHow Does The Process Work?

After signing up as a tester, there are only a few more steps to take before getting paid for approved bugs. Here’s a quick snapshot of the process:

  • Profile: Create your tester profile based on your testing skills, environment, and location
  • Join a Test Cycle: Find an interesting testing assignment out of all matched assignments
  • Testing Applications: Review the assignment requirements and start testing
  • Get Paid: Once your bugs are approved as valuable you will get money for it

So what are you waiting for, utilize your leisure time and earn some extra bucks

I myself is a uTester back from 2008, I even earned my first money of $140 by finding 8 bugs (They paid $18 for one of the critical bugs I found). I am not that active now due to time constraint.

Already a uTester? Share your thoughts here. Let’s grow as a group! Share your knowledge. This in turn takes you next levels.

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