What is Iterative Incremental Development Model? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Iterative Incremental Development Model? Advantages and Disadvantages

Iterative Incremental Development Model is a process where creating requirements, designing, building and testing a system in small parts. This model divided into small parts which will help to make modules very easily. In this model, module passes through some phases like requirements, coding, designing, testing. Iterative Incremental Development model is well known as well as easy to use. Using this model, some part of the system which is built can show to the customer and get some suggestion from it.

This model is useful if we have complete requirements as well as resources to make it. Mostly use for the small project and if customers have requirements to give some output after every phase, so this is a suitable model for them.

What is Iterative Incremental Development Model Advantages and Disadvantages

For Example:

In this diagram, we are adding every row incrementally and work until work is complete. Likewise, we develop software in parts. After complete second module, it integrates with the first module and so on.


Diagram of Iterative Incremental model:

Iterative Incremental Development Model

Example of Iterative Incremental Development Model

  • Prototyping
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Rational Unified Process
  • Agile Development Model

Advantages of Iterative Incremental Development Model:

  • After complete first module can get responses from customers.
  • Less risky, Handle risk easily because creating software in parts.
  • We can make working software’s part in an early stage.
  • This model is less costly as well as more flexible compared to other modules.
  • Delivery cost is less.

Disadvantage of Iterative Incremental Development Model:

  • Cost more than waterfall Model.
  • Needs complete requirement and resources to make complete software.
  • Cannot predict whole software’s structure in this model.

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