Status Reporting

Status Reporting

Status Reporting is very important since the same report will be shared across multiple teams in the project and management will be analyzing the progress of the project Based on the status reports.

Status Reporting

Status Reporting


QA Status Report:

There are multiple status reports what QA can send and again these reports may be different from project to project.

Sample Daily Status report:

There will be an email sent to the project related people on a daily/weekly basis to indicate the progress of the testing.

In the status report mail, we need to mention below given points.

1. The number of test cases executed.

2. The number of test cases remaining.

3. Any challenges/problems faced.

4. Defect numbers with the description which we raised today.

5. Defect numbers with the description which we reopened today. (Retesting)

6. Defect numbers with the description which we closed today. (Retesting)

7. suggestions/advice/improvements if any with respect to the functionality of the application.

8. No of % Completion which would help management to analyze the exact progress.

A sample email is as shown in the below given screenshot which would open in a new window.

Status Mail
The Status Mail template mentioned is very generic and can change from projects to projects. The Status mail is usually sent to the Managers, Development Managers, Business Analysts, and Clients (If the client wants to track the progress)

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