QTP Automation Tool

QTP Automation Tool

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, which is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by Mercury Interactive and take over by HP. QTP Automation Tool mostly used in Software Testing field.

QTP is a functional Regression testing tool which uses VB Script as the scripting language. As part of a functional test suite, it works together with Mercury Interactive Win Runner and HP Quality Center and supports enterprise Quality Assurance.

What is QTP Automation Tool?QTP Automation Tool:

Three types of licenses are available from HP:

  1. Demo License: a 30-day demo license
  2. Seat License: permanent seat license that is specific to the computer on which it is installed.
  3. Floating (Concurrent): Floating allows a license to be shared between machines at any given point in time. (1 floating license allows QTP to be accessible from an entire lab’s worth of PCs but can only have 1 instance running at any given point in time).

QTP Automation Tool is a record and plays back tool, which will record the user actions on the UAT and imitate the user while running the recorded steps.

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