Selenium Automation Tool

Selenium Automation Tool

Software Testing Tools are used to test software application which is done by the Software Tester or Automation Software Tester. There are many types of Automation Tools which are used by Software Testing Companies. Using Selenium WebDriver you can test web applications.

Software Testing Tools are used to test the software fast which is done by the Software Tester or Automation Software Tester. There are which is used by Software Testing Companies. Using Selenium Automation Tool you can only test web applications.

Selenium Automation Tool

Selenium has following components:
  • Selenium IDE: It is a easy way to do testing using Record feature in Selenium Integrated Development Environment. It will only work in Firefox using Add-on. In selenium IDE you can manually write commands/ scripts or generate scripts using record feature.
  • Selenium RC (Remote Control): In Selenium RC using different browsers and HTTP proxy we can test web applications. The browser should be java script enabled.
  • Selenium Grid: It is used to run tests on multiple machines with the different browser in a parallel way. This component helps to distributed test execution.
  • Selenium WebDriver: The well known and most used selenium component ie Selenium WebDriver. Using JAVA programming we can create a script which can test dynamic web pages as well as web application.

Selenium Automation Tool

How to Download Selenium Automation Tool?

No need to worry about downloading Selenium Automation Tool, it just a minute of the process goes to Selenium Download & gets the latest version of Selenium components.

Prerequisites to run Selenium WebDriver

  1. Java Development Kit –> Download 
  2. Eclipse for Java Scripting –> Download or Netbeans for Java Scripting –> Download

To make or run scripts in Selenium WebDriver following JAVA concept’s knowledge required.

  • Operators
  • Static and Non Static Variables
  • Return Types
  • OOPS concepts (Inheritance, Overriding)
  • Packages
  • Exception Handling
  • Constructors
  • Control statements
  • Arrays
  • Objects and Classes
  • Strings

Don’t worry if you don’t know JAVA’s concepts, follow this blog we will try our best to make you good in this.

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