Tips for Software Professional Resume

Software Professional Resume

With increasing number of people going for software degrees, the competition for the top jobs is also increasing. For getting the most wanted software jobs you also have to craft a resume that will get you noticed by the recruiters. So let’s look at five killer tips that guarantee some eyeballs!

Start your resume with the regular stuff like contact information, and your personal information like name address, etc. then move onto giving your technical summary, i.e. the programming languages that you are comfortable in, and other technical info. This is the most important factor of a technical resume, so make sure to pay attention to this section closely. Provide adequate details about your strengths, but do not touch upon your weaknesses. But in this process do not try to provide false information.

If you collaborated in the development of just one software, tell that honestly.  If you are caught providing wrong information, your chances of getting a job at any time in the organization become void.

Software Professional Resume

Write a few compelling lines about what are your career objectives. Before writing the resume read about the requirements for the job, and then wisely writes your objectives by paraphrasing the description. Make it subtle so that it is not obvious.

Use good word processing software to craft your resume. In the process, you will be ensured about correct grammar and punctuation, and your resume looks professional. Software like Microsoft Word will help you achieve the task, but if you are not willing to spend that money, then you may also go for some open source software like Open Office. There is certain resume building software available in the market that is designed specifically for designing resumes, that may make the job even easier.

Lastly, make sure that your resume error free, by making your colleague or any friend proofread the resume.

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