What is Software Testing

Automation Testing Software Testing Books

Software Testing is a process with the intent to finding defects. Basically, software testing is done by a Software Tester. There are two methods of Software Testing :

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

Methods of Software Testing

Manual Testing :

It is one of the oldest & best method “Manual Testing” to test the software. In this method Tester review all the software related documents like test plan documents, design documents, source code, test case documents. Tester test software manually & try to find out errors.

Automation Testing :

It is very famous & well-known Testing methods used by Software Testing Companies that is Automation Testing. In automation testing testers use software testing tool to test software, tester just has to do is “Writing Test Cases” & execute using the tool.

Automation Testing Software Testing Books

Using Test cases tester can perform automation testing, without test cases tester can not execute or test software. To perform automation testing companies required a high budget. Mostly automation testing not used for the small project. Test tools can be used for one or more activities that support testing.

Main Advantage of Automation Testing

  • Time Saving
  • More efficient than Human
  • Can perform complex things easily
  • Can achieve more consistency than human

Benefits of Automation Tools 

  • It is faster than the manual testing
  • Can make Wider test coverage of application features
  • Can Achieve Reliable in results
  • Ensure Consistency
  • Saves Time and Cost
  • Improves accuracy
  • Human Intervention is not required while execution
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Better speed in executing tests
  • Reusable test scripts
  • Test Frequently and thoroughly
  • More cycle of execution can be achieved through automation

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