Top Software Testing Interview Questions

These questions is enough to prepare Testing Interview, Manual Testing, ISTQB and CSTE Certification Questions and Some Mock Test to judge your testing skills.

Software Testing Interview QuestionsSoftware Testing Interview Questions

  • Difference between Sanity and Smoke testing?
  • What is Regression testing?
  • What is Impact analysis?
  • What is Negative testing? Explain with an example?
  • What is Defect Life Cycle?
  • What is defect tracking?
  • What are the different defects Tracking Techniques?
  • What are the different tools you are familiar for Defect Reporting?
  • What is Configuration Management?
  • What is a test plan?
  • What is risk based analysis?
  • What is meant by entry, suspension and Exit criteria?
  • What are the responsibilities of a tester, team lead and a test manager in an organization?
  • What is meant by a test scenario?
  • What is a test case?
  • What is the difference between BVA and ECP?
  • What are regular expressions?
  • What are use cases?
  • What is meant by Use case based test design?
  • What is the testing process followed in your organization?
  • What is the average number of test cases you have written per day in your previous project?
  • Differentiate the roles of QA manager and Project Manager?
  • What is the base document for test cases preparation?
  • What is all the test metrics you know?
  • Should we test every possible combination/scenario for a program?
  • How would you ensure 100% coverage in testing?
  • What are Priority and severity?
  • What is the difference between Test Plan, Test Strategy?
  • Explain bug ratings
  • What is the difference between Test Plan, Test Case and Test Schedule?
  • Explain briefly Coffee vending machine and Yahoo mail page test scenario?
  • Tell me the type of browsers you know?
  • What is the purpose of using browsers?

For extra practice, you can give mock for manual testing, ISTQB and CSTE certification questions. 

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