What is Difference between Verification and Validation

What is Difference between Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation it is mostly used in Software industries world. Very interesting & important terms which are helping to build right & error free product. If we consider verification and validation then it appears almost same. These two terms have come in testing in last few years. The meaning of these terms is still debatable in context to each other.


This is a process of evaluation of different components that are concerned with the development process. In this process, it is verified that whether the product is meeting the requirements of the client or not. The objective of verification is to ensure that product is meeting with requirements of client or not. In verification, test plan, test cases, design specification, code and every concern aspect is evaluated. This type of process done by QA (Quality Assurance). Verification also called as static testing.

Verification is : 
  • Are we building the Product right?
  • Check the process of creating the product.
  • Ensures that we build it right?
Benefits of Verification : 
  • The presence of defects can be identified close to the point where they originate.
  • Costs to correct those defects is significantly less than when they detected in validation.

What is Difference between Verification and Validation


The product is evaluated at the end of the development process. In validation, the product is not checked in between like verification. The objective of validation is also the same as that of verification. It is assured with the process that product is as per client requirements. It is made sure that product will run properly in the desired environment. This process is different from verification because in this process final product is evaluated while in verification various components like test cases, test plans etc were under scan.This type of process done by QC (Quality Control). Validation also called as Dynamic testing.

  • It is done by Executing the software
  • The process of evaluating software during or at the development process to determine whether it satisfies specified requirements.
  • It helps in finding the presence of defects and not their location.

Validation is : 

  • Are we building the right Product?
  • Check the end product after creation.
  • Ensures that “you built the right thing”.


In verification, it is verified that are we building the product right? In the case of validation, it is verified that whether we are building the right product or not? It is possible that a product may pass verification process but fails in the validation process. Various verification aspects finally constitute validation of product. If you have done everything right in the verification process then there will be less chance that you will fail in validation.

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