5 Important Fundamental of Test Process

5 Important Fundamental of Test Process

In IT industries 99.9% projects are done with Planning. In Software Testing, we required following Test Process. Suppose you are a tester and team lead gave you an application to test. There is difficulty to test hole application without planning. You will get some error but this is not a right way to test application so lets discussed about Fundamental of Test Process.

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The Fundamental of Test Process in Software Testing:

  1. Test Planning and Control
  2. Test Analysis and Design
  3. Test implementation and execution
  4. Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting
  5. Test closure activities

Test Planning and Control

Test Planning is a Fundamental Test Process which defining the objective and goal of the testing process. Using requirement specification test plan will make more detailed. It is the continuous process and performed in all life cycles.

  • Deciding the scope and risk of testing
  • Deciding the overall approach of testing
  • Scheduling test analysis and design process
  • Assigning resources to different activities


5 Important Fundamental of Test Process

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Test Analysis and Design

Test Analysis and Design is a Fundamental Test Process which creating test conditions & test cases. In this process performed major tasks like reviewing the test basis, identifying the test conditions based on analysis of test items, writing test cases, identifying necessary test data to support the test conditions and test cases, Designing the test environment.

Test implementation and execution

Test implementation and execution is a Fundamental Test Process in which actual work is done. In this process executing test cases with test data.

  • Creating test suites from test executions
  • Checking test environments, updating traceability between test basis and test cases
  • Executing test procedures using test execution tools
  • Checking actual result with expected results
  • Reporting errors & creating Incident reports

Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting

Evaluating exit criteria is a process defining when to stop testing. It depends on the coverage of code, functionality or risk. Basically, it also depends on business risk, cost and time.

Test closure activities

Test closure activities are the last process in the fundamental test process. In this process collect data from completed test process and test wares.

  • Ensure that deliverable has been delivered or not
  • Closing incident report
  • Documenting all the systems
  • Archiving all the testware, test environment and infrastructure.

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