What is independent testing ?

independent testing

The independence testing which is helps to find more defects as compared to software tester. The mindset should be different while testing and reviewing software. It is difficult to find out our own mistakes. That’s why independence tester mostly hired in Software Companies. Independence Testers have full rights to test software without any limitations.

They mostly use their domain knowledge or past experience to test software and it worth it. Independent Tester not only working in Testing, they also can involve in Planning, Designing, Coding and so on. Independent Tester reports to the lead or manager to the respective phase.

independent testing

Levels of Independence Testing

  • Tests designed by the person who wrote the software under test
  • Tests designed by another person
  • Tests designed by a person from a different organizational group or test specialists
  • Tests designed by a person from a different organization or company

What are benefits of independent testing?

  • Independence Tester is more focused as compared to Software tester.
  • They used their domain knowledge to test software.
  • Independence Tester can test software at every phase and tries to improve the quality of software.
  • They keep neutral perspective while testing the software.
  • Independence Tester test software as an end user perspective.

What are risks of independent testing?

  • Independence Tester cost more.
  • Can not hire Independence Tester if the project has low budget or deadline.
  • In independent testing communication also matters, tester and test lead need good interpersonal skill to communicate.
  • Difficult to maintain mutual understanding within the project team.

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