What is the Psychology of testing ?

Psychology of testing is a type of testing which fully depends on the mindset of developers and tester.  When we are building the software, we working positively towards the software never think about negative things. The mindset should be different while testing and reviewing developing software. With the correct mindset, the programmer can test their own code. At a certain point independence tester often makes the tester more effective to finding defects.

Levels of Independence Tester in Psychology of testing

  • Tests designed by the person who wrote the software under test
  • Tests designed by another person
  • Tests designed by a person from a different organizational group or test specialists
  • Tests designed by a person from a different organization or company

What is the Psychology of testing ?

In Psychology of testing, People and projects are driven by objectives. While developing the software, programmer writing code to build software, that time Programmers test their code then pass through the next phase but as we already mentioned, It is difficult to find our own mistakes. That’s why independence tester highly recommendable. Because they are testing specialists or professional testers.  In Psychology of testing communication also matters, tester and test lead need good interpersonal skill to communicate. In Psychology of testing Tester and others can improve communication by

  • Starting collaboration instead of battles.
  • Everyone should have a common goal of the quality software.
  • Improve mutual understanding while working.
  • Confirm that the other person has understood what you have said.

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