What is Unit Testing

unit testing

Unit Testing also is known as components, module or program testing. It is done by developers before the setup is handed over to the testing team to formally execute the test cases. It is performed by the developers on the individual units of source code assigned areas. The developers use test data that is different from the test data of the quality assurance team. Most often stubs and drivers are used to replace the missing software and simulate the interface between the software components.

Limitations of Unit Testing

Using this we cannot find each and every bug in an application. It is impossible to evaluate every execution path in every application.  There is a limit to the number of scenarios and test data that a developer can use to verify a source code.

unit testing

Test Basis :

  • Component Requirements
  • Detailed Design
  • Code

Test Objective :

  • Component
  • Programs
  • Data conversions
  • Database Module

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