Why Testing is Necessary

You all know that today’s generation relies on technology, all are been dependent on technology. We are in daily basis using a smartphone this is also a technology. Suppose any application which we are using in our smartphone is not working properly, it can lead to many problems. The one thing that humans can do best is making mistakes. Some of those mistakes are less important or are not important at all, but some of them are expensive or even dangerous too. We need to check everything we produce because things can go wrong anytime.
As we know, we make mistakes, assuming the presence of mistakes in our work, we all prefer to check our own work. But sometimes, we have made some wrong assumptions while doing our task and we repeat same bad assumption while re-checking our work. So, in this case, we may not find the flaws in our own work. For this reason, we should get someone else to check our work as another person is more likely to find flaws and mistakes in our work. As some of the mistakes in our daily life are very important. Same way in software systems, we must know whether a particular error or mistake is likely to cause any problem in our system or not.
Why Testing is Necessary

Why Testing is Necessary

Hence all type of software companies developed the product and they test with all possible ideas so that their use will not get any problem using it. It could lead many problems like loss of money, time, business reputation or cause injury or death that’s why Testing is Necessary.

Causes of Software Defects

The first thing which I want to mention is we are a human being, we cannot avoid mistakes, it is natural things. Defect means an unexpected result which we got from software. It could be come because of error in code, incorrect requirement and so on therefore testing is necessary.

As a mentioned before we are the human being, there is no any person who can make software error or defect free. It could occur because of time pressure, code complexity, latest technology.

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