What are the Software Development Models?

Software development models are nothing but a set of process & methodology. Currently, in software industry there are many software development models are available like Waterfall model, Iterative model, Incremental model, RAD model, Agile model, Spiral model, V model, Incremental model, RAD model, Agile model and so on ….

Every software development model has their own uniqueness & importance. While making software, needs to choose one of these models because it impacts on software. In this process of software creation required to choose right development model on the basis of software’s budget, time, personnel, risk etc. using this model has to complete all the phase of software development life cycle like planning, designing, coding, testing etc.

What are the Software Development Models

Software development models

All are the very reputed and well-known models which are using from the past in the software industries. Every model has their pros and cons. Based on the software development models the development and testing processes are carried out. Every software companies select models on the basis of software which they are going to make.

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