Software Testing Basics

What is Defect

Testing is a process of evaluating a software system against pre-defined standards with the intention of finding defects/errors. Here Pre-defined standards are the requirements, which specify the expected behavior of the system.

Software Testing Basics

In other words, software testing is a process of running a software application to find defects. A defect/error is a difference between expected result and the actual result. This difference can be a difference in behavior of the application (also called functionality) or characteristics of the application (also called look and feel).

Software Testing Basics

Requirements are the basis for expected results. Actual results are realized at the time of running the software application.

An interesting difference exists between Testing and the other disciplines in SDLC essentially testing is associated with finding and exposing weaknesses in the software product. In testing, you need a different general philosophy than what’s used in the Requirements Analysis & Design and Implementation disciplines. A somewhat subtle difference is that those three disciplines focus on completeness, whereas Testing focuses on incompleteness.

  • The Requirements discipline captures requirements for the software product, which is one of the primary inputs for identifying what tests to perform.
  • The Analysis & Design discipline determines the appropriate design for the software product, which is another important input for identifying what tests to perform.
  • The Development discipline produces builds of the software product that are validated by the Test discipline. Within an iteration, multiple builds will be tested typically one per test cycle.
  • The Environment discipline develops and maintains supporting artifacts that are used during Tests, such as the Test Guidelines and Test Environment.
  • The Project Management team receives the heads-up regarding upcoming projects, change requests, time lines for different phases of testing etc from Project management. Test team provides time and resource estimates for it. If there are any issues or support needs that cannot be solved with in the test team, project management team facilitates help from other teams.
  • The Configuration & Change Management discipline controls change within the project. The test effort verifies that each change has been completed appropriately.

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